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Dear fly fishing enthusiastics

My name is Mikel and I am a professional fly tyer for the last 30 years. After study during many years the entomology of the river and the behavior of the trouts I have decided to shape it in the tying of the flies, following three basic rules: effectiveness, attractiveness and resistance.

I make a special mention to the importance of the brights incorporated in the design of the nymphs, which we obtain a greater attraction, without loss their morphology.

The innumerable days of fishing have taught to me to know and respect the river and its nature, and day to day have made me feel the passion for this superb sport that is the fly fishing.

I hope that this small catalogue of flies would be of your affability and you can enjoy very good days of fishing.

These flies are tested in most of the rivers of Spain and part of Europe by fishing CHAMPIONS.

Mikelfly in collaboration with      Flymage

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